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Paranormal Scientific Investigations - Seeking Harmony With The Unexplained

On July 2, our podcast dealt with the topic of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State and the five hikers who have gone missing without a trace. It should be noted that two of the hikers’ remains claimed to be identified by the local police, however the reporters published the story before one test had been done to determine DNA.

Furthermore, according to the two stories, there was no attempt to determine a cause of death in either case. Granted the length of time and the harsh climate left the remains of the hikers in terrible condition, still, it would have been possible based upon the position of the skeletal remains to determine if the people had been alive at the time of being deposited and who or what had deposited them. 

Suspiciously, there was none of that. Simply a haste rush to identify the remains of someone and close the case.  What do you think? Please leave a comment in the comments section on YouTube.

Melba Ketchum, Bigfoot and Modern Science

The month of July has really been a remarkable list of “Encounters!” From a close examination of the Maury Island UFO Encounters and the connection to the JFK Assassination, to the Sasquatch DNA Study conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum, July has really been exciting as well as educational.

There were so many highlights this month with guests like Criptid Researcher and author Scott Carpenter, author, researcher and adventurer Ron Morehead and Robin Haynes-McCrae, who spoke with us about the Bigfoot Genome Project. 

One thing we learned from the Melba Ketchum experience is that modern science is still as ruthless and callous about destroying lives as it has ever been towards those who tip their hat against the wind blown by the demagogues on university faculties, the government and of course the corporate media. 

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“Rather than asking if people think there are UFO’s etc. etc, it is always a question of belief.”

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Sure, stories read to you or relayed by the experiencer are great. Do you know what is even better? Video! On encounters USA, our YouTube Channel is going to have videos from sightings and encounters to meet all your cryptid and alien encounter needs. We will have uploads whenever there is new news of a sighting. We will also visit sights of Encounters USA and film the area. Once we can afford a Bigfoot suit, we will do re-enactments.

The Encounters USA Blog is going to be our way of communicating to our audience a variety of informational posts about the world of the paranormal and how Encounters USA is interacting with it. Our blog will vary from encounters, to upcoming events and the expectations we have for the event. If you want to stay updated on what is happening at Encounters USA keep checking here.

Our most recent interview with Bigfoot Researcher Ron Morehead was out twentieth podcast episode! In just the few months since we started, we have covered such topics as “What is a dogman?” We have also done six on site investigations, four comedy videos, Hot Spots and the Sasquatch Genome Project, interviewed two authors and had a great time doing it. Please subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.

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