October is Dogman (Wolfen) Month at Encounters USA

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October Guests

Eoin Stewart (NADP)

Peter Laws

Joedy Cook

Deborah Tavares


Dogman Sighting Spokane Submitted by Cough Drop

California Wildfire Updates with Deborah Tavares. Here's where it really gets scary! Podcast and YouTube Friday October. 18th

September 7, 2019

The Bigfoot Tree

Brent Dill on Lori Simmons

September 18, 2019

Bigfoot Encounters

Jackie Tonks

October 16, 2019

Dogman the Monsters are Real

Scott Carpenter

October 31, 2019

The Frighteners

Peter Laws

Paranormal Scientific Investigations - Seeking Harmony With The Unexplained

In these charged political times, some might ask if it’s wise to bring up such a potentially divisive issue as the changing the name of the Dogman to Wolfen, but there are those who think the time has come.

The term Dogman is a complete misnomer that should be changed for a number of reasons, the most important being the general public safety and security from ferocious beasts who dwell in the neighborhood of little known or understood species. 

“A person might get the wrong idea about the creature. They might think the term Dogman indicates a gentle domesticated creature, which is just the opposite of what this is. Such a mistake could be deadly!” Says one advocate for making the change too Wolfen.

What do you think? Leave your comments in the comments section of our October videos on YouTube. At the end of the month, we will make an official announcement.


Hunt for the Skinwalker

There are few better examples that highlight the extent how much the unknown is beyond our grasp than what has been demonstrated at the Skinwalker Ranch in northeastern Utah. 

In our special Skinwalker Ranch Episode, we highlight the encounters the owners of the property and later the scientific inquiry team had when they set up shop at the Skinwalker Ranch. 

We also go into an investigation of the Skinwalker Ranch encounters by categorizing them in order to keep certain types of events, beings or craft associated with the events classified and associated with similar incidents. 

So what did we find out? By incorporating the events, the players, the activities and the things that happened as a result of the interactions at the ranch will leave you wondering why you didn’t hear about this sooner. Watch the episode. I am sure you’ll be amazed!

Six months ago I thought I would try to start a podcast that not only covered aliens, bigfoot and the Dogman/Wolfen, I also chose a completely new format. Instead of sitting in a studio I would go out in the field and conduct my own research and interview those who were doing likewise. In six months I have had a lot of triumphs, but I have made a few mistakes along the way. Check out my blog page to find out what Encounters USA is really all about.

YouTube Videos a Blog and a Podcast

Sure, stories read to you or relayed by the experiencer are great. Do you know what is even better? Video! On encounters USA, our YouTube Channel is going to have videos from sightings and encounters to meet all your cryptid and alien encounter needs. We will have uploads whenever there is new news of a sighting. We will also visit sights of Encounters USA and film the area. Once we can afford a Bigfoot suit, we will do re-enactments.

The Encounters USA Blog is going to be our way of communicating to our audience a variety of informational posts about the world of the paranormal and how Encounters USA is interacting with it. Our blog will vary from encounters, to upcoming events and the expectations we have for the event. If you want to stay updated on what is happening at Encounters USA keep checking here.

Our most recent interview with Bigfoot Researcher Ron Morehead was out twentieth podcast episode! In just the few months since we started, we have covered such topics as “What is a dogman?” We have also done six on site investigations, four comedy videos, Hot Spots and the Sasquatch Genome Project, interviewed two authors and had a great time doing it. Please subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.

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