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January 9, 2020 Encounters USA had the honor to welcome an all-star panel of Bigfoot researchers to discuss the usefulness and purpose of the Bigfoot Conference.

Appearing on the podcast were Ron Morehead, Amy Bue, Todd Neiss and Jay Burch. The one thing this panel has in common is the fact that each one has seen Bigfoot.

Not only has each seen Bigfoot, but each panelist has seen Bigfoot and became an instant ‘believer’ and began a years long study and education program. 

Ron Morehead is the author of Quantum Bigfoot, Voices in the Wilderness and Sierra Sounds – an audio recording of Bigfoot vocalizations in the Sierras. Amy Bue is a member of the Olympic Project and Project Zoobook. Todd Neiss is the head of the American Primate Society and Jay Burch is a Bigfoot experiencer who lives, camps and hunts in one of the most active Bigfoot regions in the United States.

Thanks to Jay Burch, who voiced his opinion on a few occasions about his frustration with the Bigfoot Conferences, this podcast took shape. I think you will find it one of the most informative, candid and realistic representations of the Bigfoot field yet.


Encounters USA and the Skinwalker Ranch

There are few better examples that highlight the extent how much the unknown is beyond our grasp than what has been demonstrated at the Skinwalker Ranch in northeastern Utah. There are also no other locations where the focus of our interests is manifested more clearly.

In our special Skinwalker Ranch Episode, we highlight the encounters the owners of the property and later the scientific inquiry team had when they set up shop at the Skinwalker Ranch. 

We also go into an investigation of the Skinwalker Ranch encounters by categorizing them in order to keep certain types of events, beings or craft associated with the events classified and associated with similar incidents. 

So what did we find out? By incorporating the events, the players, the activities and the things that happened as a result of the interactions at the ranch will leave you wondering why you didn’t hear about this sooner. Watch the episode. I am sure you’ll be amazed!

2020? I don’t know about you but 2020 was a science fiction title. With all the doom and gloom foretold in my lifetime, it is somewhat of a surprise we made it this far. Or, is it?

Encounters USA has a few new things I would like to point out. First, our logo has officially been changed over from the old hodgepodge of pieced together images to the fun alien, bigfoot and dogman logo you see on the site banner.

You will also notice each character has a name (more to come on that). Viddoni, the graphic artist who created the logo is still waiting for the t-shirts I promised her for the design.

Next, we have a new intro! Instead of using two different intros for the podcast and field research or funny videos, I made a single intro and outtro for all of the videos you will see in 2020.

The Rainier Paradigm - Four Volcanoes the Pacific Ocean and No Way Out

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