What are Game Cameras?

1.Image Quality

The more Megapixels the better the picture will be. Basic trail cameras start at 2MP and get to as high of a resolution as 20MP. Having at least 7MP is recommended. But for capturing and studying bigfoot, aliens and dogman encounters at night, nothing lower than 10MP is recommended.

2. Trigger Time

Trigger time is the time in which the camera detects movement and captures a picture of the movement. The less time the better the camera. Trigger time in cameras can range from 0.14 seconds to 4 seconds.

3. Battery and Power Options

Most brands offer a range of battery life between six months up to a year. Looking for cameras with at least eight sockets for AA batteries or rechargeable ones will be more expensive in the beginning but will last for years. Always try to go for a camera with a battery indicator included. 

4. Detection Circuit

Detection circuit identifies the range (feet) in which the camera is able to detect motion and trigger the camera to capture a photo. The longer the range the better the camera and average range for most trail cameras is between 60-70 feet.

5. Memory

Measured in Gigabytes, the memory is the amount of photos or video your camera will be able to store if it is not cellular or wireless. Trail camera storage on an SD card can range between 8 GB to 32 GB.

6. Flash vs. Infrared

Flash (LEDs or incandescent flash) has a bright white light in order to take pictures in the shadows or dark. The disadvantage of the flash is the ability it has to spook your game. Infrared (invisible flash) creates an invisible zone and won’t affect your game. Ideally suited for capturing games at night.

7. Video or Picture

Similar to picture quality (measuring in Megapixels) average resolution is 5-7MP. Most trail cameras available today have video options and will support a video ranging from 3-300 seconds. Trail camera flashlights can have a huge impact on the video picture quality and detection range. See #6: Flash vs. Infrared.

8. Security Boxed and Anti-Theft Cables

Trail cameras can become victims of theft or damage. Using a camera with a theft cable or a security box can greatly insure the safety of your camera when unattended. Security boxes are made in strong materials like steel and the exteriors appear to greatly enhance the covertness of your trail camera.

9. Viewing Screens

Not all cameras come with a built-in viewing screen but they can be important when setting up the camera at the right height and directed at the right angle. Downside to the viewing screen is the increased bulk of the trail cameras itself.

10. Budget and Price

Ranging from $80.00 to $10,000 it all comes down to what you can shell out. Are you a beginner or a pro Bigfoot, Alien or Dogman enthusiast? How often will you rely on your trail camera? The longer the detection range the higher the cost. The greater the quality of pictures the higher the cost.

All you have to do is determine which features are important to you and your needs in the woods.

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