Encounters USA 6 Months and Learning

Encounters USA 6 Months and Learning

Six Months of Encounters USA

I decided to do field investigations

Six months ago, I had finished my last interview for Books in Heinessight. It was the first podcast I had ever done and I was becoming not only disillusioned, but my downloads and views were dropping every month. I couldn’t blame anyone, my interest in the books and the authors I interviewed was sometimes half-hearted at best. There was also another variable in the equation: I had been very interested in the paranormal authors I had interviewed and saw that I was not the only one interested in UFO’s, remote viewing, Bigfoot, and new phenomenon in which I was interested: the Dogman (Wolfen).

On site interviews

Although I knew how to do a podcast, I didn’t have any idea how to do a paranormal podcast with three different topics. I had never heard of anyone trying to incorporate more than one topic, such as UFO’s, whereas I was attempting to combine all three seemingly unrelated topics. However, once I started to seriously research them, I came to a rather refreshing conclusion: maybe Aliens, Bigfoot and Dogman are related in some way after all. However, I was still left with how to format the show. I didn’t know if I should do field investigations, podcasts and on site interview with investigators. 

and traditional podcasts

Since I couldn’t make a decision, I decided to go forward and do all three. I assessed my assets. I had a mobile studio, a four wheel drive and all the camping equipment I needed. I decided I would do in studio interviews, in-the-field interviews and conduct my own research. By incorporating Aliens, Bigfoot and Dogman, Encounters USA had become a truly revolutionary new kind of podcast. The only question was, would anyone agree? Then I made my first big mistake. I thought I could increase my chances of getting viewers by finding a co- host. Soon, my co-host had someone practicing some kind of witchcraft on the show. It was at that time I had to re-think the show format.

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