Do You Believe? Are Bigfoot and Aliens the New Religion?

Do You Believe? Are Bigfoot and Aliens the New Religion?

At a time when there is a crises of faith and trust in what used to be the trusted order of establishment institutions like Church and State, people seem to be looking in the strangest places for new gods. The association of “belief” as applied to what is nothing but a scientific question is one of the greatest psychological manipulations in modern history.

In my book, Deceptions of the Ages: “Mormons” Freemasons and Extraterrestrials, I point out the manipulation of the UFO question and other “conspiracy” topics as being a question of belief, rather than a simple question of yes and no based upon proven and substantiated data of witnesses and physical remnants of visitations. Rather than asking if people think there are UFO’s etc. etc, it is always a question of belief.

Asking if you believe in something is begging the question that there is no physical evidence available so you are resorted to believing, or the contrary. There is no question like, “Do you think there are UFO’s?” Because if you ask someone if they thought about something, it would mean they would have to consider what evidence is available. It is much easier to dismiss a nut who believes in UFO’s or Bigfoot or the Dogman than it is to dismiss someone who thinks these entities are real.

That leaves us then with an indelible stamp left upon the communities of the Bigfoot or UFO researchers as believers in something the government wants you to believe is intangible like Santa Claus or the Great Pumpkin. Even the communities themselves, either because of conditioning through corporate/government/media influence or possibly because they didn’t see anything wrong with riding the coat tails of the success of popular tv shows like the X Files have adopted the theme of ‘believing’ in UFO’s or ‘Wanting to Believe’ in Bigfoot.

The fact of the matter is, there is so much evidence through so many credible witness, researchers and physical remnants that the use of the word believe in relation to these subjects, simply reinforces the corporate/government/ media position that there is no evidence to prove these things exist. At Encounters USA, we don’t believe in a Bigfoot, a Dogman or alien civilizations. There has been enough evidence presented over the past century to more than prove the existence of these entities. It is our job to bring the evidence that is out there to you, in the form of podcasts, videos, blogs, research and actual field investigations. We hope you will join us in our journey.


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