Encounters USA: The Time is Right

Encounters USA: The Time is Right

Ever since Ape Canyon in 1924 and the Roswell Crash of 1947, ever since the brutal murder of a family of four in a Kentucky National Park in 1982, people have had encounter after encounter with beings the United States Government continues to say do not exist. We all know by now what the government says and the truth are rarely the same thing. We all know there are facts and there are witnesses. There is data to be compiled and stories to be documented.


Based on the credible evidence presented within the past four decades regarding not only the existence, but the actual abundance of these creatures, there are a few researchers who have taken a different tack when it comes to the study of these phenomenon. Simply put, it is the opinion of some, including Encounters USA that there is a connection between Aliens, Bigfoot or Sasquatch beings and the being called Dogman.

Because of the traditional rift between the Bigfoot and UFO communities who felt both a cultural mainstream as well as economic ostracism, blaming it always on the presence of the other group, we know at Encounters USA we have the added burden of proof of not only the existence of aliens, but the existence of a creature that is not seen, unless it wants to be seen and a dog like creature whose existence defies all explanation whatsoever.


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The changes in thinking, or the new “glasnost” or openness regarding these phenomenon, are special for the the amazing potential they bring for the awareness of a higher intelligence that goes beyond a fast food commercial, a ruined environment and a concentrated attack on basic human decency by the people who took over our governments. We only must be careful as we investigate these phenomenon to base our conclusions on the scientific method of inquiry and data collection and not upon fanciful ‘psychic impressionism’ and witchcraft.

In the unpioneered world of our inquiries into mysteries beyond which lies the realm of our understanding, we must always be sure to remember to keep on eye on the study of inquiry and one eye and the great Creator. At Encounters USA, it is our intent to conduct our inquiries cognizant of the potential evil that exists in the realm of our inquests and to armor ourselves accordingly. We hope you will join us on our quest on our YouTube channel and on our podcast on Radio.com, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Google Play Music. Until the next time we meet, watch your back!

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