Encounters USA went to the Olympic Peninsula to speak with one of the first guests of our brand new podcast just over a year ago. We traveled to the backwoods to speak about Mr. Rich Germeau and Bigfoot Politics in Washington State.

Rich Germeau and Bigfoot Politics in Washington State

We will talk to Rich Germeau, former policeman, deputy sheriff and Bigfoot researcher and experiencer.

In this first part, Matthew Heines will talk to Rich Germeau about the politics of Bigfoot. What does Bigfoot have to do with the Deep State and the corruption rampant in Washington State?

Running for Congress in Bigfoot Country

In the upcoming elections, Encounters USA host Matthew Heines is running as an Independent candidate in the 1st Congressional District of Washington State. Can running for election in the Bigfoot capitol of the United States help or hurt a politician with a paranormal podcast?

Rich Germeau Interview Highlights

  1. Will Encounters USA and our search for truth help or hinder Matthew Heines in his election bid?
  2. In the second half, we will talk about Seattle and the occupation of Capitol Hill.
  3. Who is really pulling the BLM strings?
  4. Rich Germeau will talk about his police experience.
  5. He will give an exclusive comment on what he thinks happened the day a violent felon was killed for passing a counterfeit bill.
  6. Was it the Deep State? Don’t miss a second of this two part amazing podcast and YouTube video.
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