ECETI Ranch/ Takhalakh Lake August 3-4 2019

Lee and Ander from UFO iTeam ready equipment for a night of UFOs at ECETI Ranch.

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Mt. Adams off in the distance waits for the UFOs to arrive patiently, unlike us.

Rattlesnake Ridge Encounter 1998

Rattlesnake Mountain from Rattlesnake Lake.

Following the exact directions as depicted in the encounter, I retraced their steps.

The three hikers who allegedly encountered the Sasquatch started up from this trail. 

Following the description from the encounter, I made it to the summit. For more click the YouTube Link.

Harstine Island Encounter Shelton, Washington

On April 30th 2019, my wife and I ventured to Harstine Island on the Hood Canal to check on a 2010 reported sighting by Deputy Rich Germeau.

Axe of Mystery. It was lying on the ground, half covered in grown vegetation.

Possible Bigfoot bed? Why is this spot bare?

Here I am pointing at the air acting is if there is something important to see (there isn’t).

Mysterious shrubberies appeared in the road. For the whole story, watch the video on YouTube.

Photo of Mystery. What is the dark figure across the river?

The investigation took us to Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.

The spring blossoming of leaves on the riverbank made a clear view impossible

Bigfoot at the I-90 Gold Creek Underpass? 

The three hunters camped next to the logging road.

They sat around the campfire to relax but as the night wore on the encounter intensified.

As time wore on, the campers searched and searched the wood for their tormentors.

Though they couldn’t see them, the hunters were sure it was a group of three Bigfoots that night.