Encounters USA NW Joint Project 2020

Encounters USA NW Joint Project 2020

But is it Even Possible?

For the first time ever, three investigative teams who respectively, pursue Aliens, Bigfoot and Dogman are coming together united in a single purpose –  to find conclusive evidence of Aliens, Bigfoot and Dogman. Enter the UFO iTeam, the American Primate Conservancy and the North American Dogman Project.

The whole idea is the brain child of podcast Encounters USA creator, host and author of this blog, Matthew Heines. “I work with the three different groups. I interview them and I go to the field with them. It just makes sense to pool resources. With the hardware these guys are packing, it’s real hard to hide. In 2020 the hunt is on.” 

Well, at least in theory. Can three disparate groups, some of whom are and have been at odds with one another unite for a few days for an operation out into the wild territories of Washington State?

On Friday, December 13, Encounters USA will be airing a podcast and YouTube video that is more a less the litmus test on whether such a project can go forward.

“We are going to use technology to meet and see if the three groups once properly introduced, can agree on a location, first of all. Then we will need to establish a time and a list of locations each group wishes to maintain. 

With this many people and resources, we are going to be talking about covering entire valleys from ridge to river. We are going to have to establish communications, our own set of codes and above all, have plans in place for safety and support to all outposts. The key is to keep everything as simple as possible. Make a plan and stick to it. Things will come up, that way we can be flexible if the need arises.”

On the next Encounters USA NW Joint Project 2020 blog, we will look at the three teams joining forces to solve these age old mysteries. To stay up with quest, keep watching our YouTube channel, or podcast or this blog! Thank you for supporting us.

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  1. Mona

    Wow😇 I haven’t heard about Bigfoot since I lived in the Olympic Peninsula!

    1. Encounters USA

      I hope you had fun when you lived in the Olympics! Did you or anyone you know ever saw BigFoot?

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