Books in Heinessight is Now Encounters USA

Books in Heinessight is Now Encounters USA

Books in Heinessight is a wonderful venue for unknown and known authors to publicize their books and speak freely with fellow authors who understand the process and the pitfalls well. It was my initial hope to garner both subscriber and financial support for my endeavors from the sale of author books and from viewer support on Patreon. Neither of these things happened. Furthermore, I found myself interviewing wonderful people about topics and books in which I had little interest. When I found from my interviews with the likes of Kerry Cassidy, Ed Dames, Nick Begich and James Gilliland sparked not only my interest, but the interest of viewers, I decided to switch to something that has interested me as well as millions of others – the UFO and cryptid cover-up and the stories of real Encounters in the USA.

What About the Published Author Interviews?

Of course, we still want to publicize and sell the books of the authors who have appeared on Books in Heinessight. That is why we are keeping our bookstore open throughout the foreseeable future. You will still be able to listen to your favorite author interviews and click on the links for their books right from this website. Even better, your favorite author podcast is archived along with the Encounters USA Podcast, so you will always have access to your favorite podcasts when you want them. 

Are You Still Interviewing Authors?

YES! At Encounters USA we are looking for authors with first hand accounts of encounters with Aliens, UFO’s, Bigfoot or Sasquatch. If you have a non-fiction book about any of these topics, Encounters USA wants you and your book. Just like on Books in Heinessight, Encounters USA will post links to your books on our site so podcast listeners or YouTube subscribers can listen and then buy directly from the site, completely hassle-free.

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  1. Mona

    Wow…I haven’t heard about Bigfoot since the Olympic Peninsula! This has got to e a GOOD STORY!!!

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